How Do I Register?

You can register by clicking the widget above. That will take you to a site call toornament which is what we are using to create the tournament. We require your nickname, email, ticket number and team name. Make sure that your group enters the same team name. We will only accept registrations from players who purchased tickets before hand, you can purchase tickets fromĀ

Why Was My Registration Refused

The only reason your registration would have been refused would be because you haven’t bought your tickets. We require you to purchase tickets to the event before registering. We use the registrations to match people against each other and if you haven’t bought tickets we cant be sure you are 100% coming.

How To Find Team Members

If you are a solo player or you are looking for an extra player to compete with, we recommend that you head over to our discord using this link. We have a dedicated channel called “team-requests” where you are able to find extra players who also want to compete.

What If A Player Can't Compete?

If a player isn’t able to compete in the event after submitting your team please email us at You are able to make one roster change before the event start. If any other issues arise unfortunately you aren’t able to compete and another team would be selected.