Dell sponsored our very first event which turned out to be a huge success and it looks like they want even more, they will be sponsoring our 2nd ever event on Sunday 28th April.

Dell will be supplying multiple gaming laptops for players to hire on the day. They will have their own setup where you will be able to enjoy amazing VR games. If you haven't already played Beat Saber we highly recommend giving it a go, it will convince you to buy VR equipment.


Boulies are one of key sponsors this year. They have provided us chairs which players can use while competing at our events. There will also be a winnable chair at 4 of our main events this year so make sure to come along for the chance to walk home with one of their amazing products.

Boulies sell cheap but high quality chairs which you don't want to miss out on! If you are interested in finding out more visit Make sure to use the code ukesportevents when purchasing one of their products to gain £15 off each order.


Plantronics are sponsoring our upcoming event. They are supplying us with £750 worth of gear to give away as prizes. The winning team will receive 5x Stereo headsets BackBeat Fit which are mainly used for sport or can be used as casual headphones, here is a link to the product. They will also be supplying us with a RIG 800 Wireless Headset and a RIG 500 PRO Esport Edition Headset which are both worth around £100 - £150. These headsets will be used as spot prizes such as the first player to reach however many kills in one match, we are still thinking of things we can do to give these headsets away.