Who Are We?

We host huge eSport events across the UK. Our events target competitive gamers who have or would like to form a team.


UK eSport Events are a company which host competitive tournaments across the UK. Each event will be focused around a different game, as we try to remain unbiased and keep all of our gamers happy.  These games can be found on our tournaments page.

Our tournaments are catered for competitive gamers who have or would like to form a team. We try are best to match players up with others who are at the same skill level. We use our own system to determine skill level, we dont use in-game ranks. To view details on how our tournaments work please visit the tournaments page

Join our discord to chat with other gamers who will be attending our events or to contact our support team.

Our Goal

UK eSport Events wants to help gamers into the competitive scene. We believe the main issue that most gamers face is finding team mates. Our events overcome this issue, we help players find team mates who are at the same skill level.

We drive our competitors to their very best, we are yet to see a UK team make it to majors and we as a company want to do everything in our power to change that and give everyday gamers this opportunity.

The Future

UK eSport Events wants to help gamers into the competitive scene. We will help teams who compete at our events make it to the major events by finding the perfect team mates, allowing them to progress quickly.

We aim to grow, we want to host bigger and better events with each being totally unique giving you something to remember. We cater every event to the needs of the gamers. We take in your opinions and work on improving every time.

Feedback can be left using our contact us page or discord. All comments are taken into account as we constantly want to better as a company and aim to suit everyone’s needs.

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Upcoming CS:GO tournament. Sunday 28th April at the Hilton Leciester

Hilton Leicester

Event registration

When entering the hotel you will find signage telling you exactly where to go. You will be asked to present your ticket before entering the room. You will be given a wristband allowing you to leave and enter as you please. At this event you will also be given a raffle ticket which gives you a chance to win a £230 Boulies Chair, more tickets can be purchased on the day.

We recommend that you either bring your lunch with you on the day or eat before your first match at 12:00. There is a McDonald’s across the road which is around a 10 minute walk.

11:30 - 12:00
Main Room

First Match

This is when your first match will start. At our last event the day finished quite late which is why we have decided to bring everything forward by an hour. You have until 12:10 to enter the game before you start to get penalised. Any longer then 12:15 and you will be forfeited from the match.

We will explain how to connect to the lobby on the day. You will be required to use CS:GO console so make sure you have this enabled on the day of the event. The command to join the game will be something like “connect; password ukee”.

If you have any issues on the day there is no need to worry, just call a member of staff over and they will get you sorted ASAP.

You will be playing a total of 7 games during the day, you will face each team once. We have allocated 80 minutes per match which should be more then enough. That gives us around 9 hours to complete our games but the likely hood is people will finishes match early and we could finish around 20:00.

Bar / Restaurant


We have allocated a 40 minute break for food. The Hilton won’t be providing food for us on the day but you are still welcome to have a look at their restaurant menu, we think most people will just get pizza or a McDonald’s though.

I have been told to make it crystal clear that people aren’t allowed to bring food onto the site. Please either eat your food at McDonald’s or elsewhere to keep the Hilton happy.

Main Room

Next Match

This is when we resume the tournament once everyone has finished eating their food.

We will be much more lenient with penalties during this time since we know you might have been waiting a while for your food. Don’t stess if you only get your food at 18:30, we will start as many matches as possible and start your once you have finished.

If we know that everyone is in the room and finished eating we will announce a time you must be in the lobby otherwise you will be penalised, we don’t want to keep your opponents waiting.

20:00 - 21:00
Main Room

End of Day